Trademark Your Logo or Business Name

Serious business owners should trademark their business name and logo.  This prevents others from profiting off your business name or likeness. All federal trademarks are filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (see more at  This cumbersome process involves an initial trademark search, registering with the USPTO's site, making an account on their TESS system, filling out the 7 page application, selecting a proper code to classify the trademark and more. I make the trademark filing process extremely simple for my clients. 

My Federal Trademark Filing Process

  1. You contact me and text/email me the business or brand name you want to trademark.  You can also send a design you would like to trademark.  I do a search on to see if it is not taken and make sure that you do no infringe on another trademark, I do the trademark search for FREE!!  
  2. You make payment and I have a 20 minute call to get your information for the application.
  3. The trademark is filed within 72 hours and you receive a confirmation of the filing from the
  4. The publication of your filing by the USPTO goes under review (a standard process) and your trademark is officially registered ® with the United States government within 45-90 days depending on the speed of the USPTO. 
That's it!  

My Federal Trademark Filing Fee

I charge $1,500 per trademark filing and this includes all fees that must be paid to the USPTO. If you choose to file 3 trademarks, I have a package price of $3500 and everything gets done within 72 hours. 

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