About The Florida Business Plan Writer

I've been professionally writing business plans for Florida businesses and entrepreneurs full-time since 2012.  My name is Nick Coriano and here is everything you need to know about myself and my Florida business plan writing service:

My Education & Experience 

I graduated business school (University of Connecticut) with a degree in Business Finance before attending and completing my law degree from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago (now The University of Illinois Law School).  I also studied abroad in Beijing, China attending The University of Peking where I studied Intellectual Property Law. 

I've worked at Merrill Lynch, the New York Stock Exchange and at a boutique investor relations firm on Wall Street before heading out on my own to own and operate my own businesses.  I've owned several ecommerce businesses, a promotions company, a construction company and a laundromat in the past.  I currently operate over a dozen online business planning and consulting websites, a real estate portfolio with over 50 properties and sit on several board seats of private and public companies.  

Side note: My passion for business started young and I began my first business at 10 years old and played my first stock market game at 14 years young.  I wrote my first business plan at 16 years old. 

My Attitude

Professional, timely and focused on adding value.  And extremely positive.  You have to be all of that and more to be successful in business.  My past clients will tell you that I wrote an awesome business plan for them, but most will also tell you that I motivated them and gave them good vibes. 


You can normally find me writing business plans in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Daytona Beach are and occasionally in and around Fort Myers and Sarasota.  When I am not in Florida, I am visiting my family back in Connecticut or hanging out in my vacation property in Upstate NY.  I do travel frequently to clients so I may be out of State, but since I have developed over 2,000 business plans remotely, it rarely matters. 

Reach Out to Me

I'm pretty easy to reach if you text my cell or email me.  People that decide to call usually end up playing phone tag with me for a while due to high call volume and prior client commitments and meetings.  Text my cell at 203.685.0346 or email me at CervitudeIR@gmail.com